Mamo Engineering creates Connections with Confidence

At MAMO Engineering we are all about getting serious about the safety and reliable installations of electrical connections. It all starts with the correct sealing of an IP rated electrical enclosure to minimise water ingress and it is the first step for any successful electrical connection. With our range of weatherproof electrical junction boxes, glands and accessories suitable for all outdoor applications, we can assure our customers with confidence that they’re electrical connections are safe from water ingress issues. The second part of any electrical connection (which is just as important), is the termination of a wire or cable. We use the best in lever and push button terminals technologies which from reputable European suppliers to ensure connections are hassle free, time saving and reliable! We have adopted the principle internally “Connections with Confidence” to ensure your electrical connections are simple & safe. If it is not simple, nor safe, we will not offer it.

A range of products for electrical contractors & engineers



Thorough; Patient; Detailed; Strategic; Focussed...

These are some of the words that best reflects us. Forward thinking, careful planning step by step, slow and steady is how we go. We take the time and care to ensure what we are delivering the very best in what we offer. As laws and regulations are updated and become stringent, we are prepared that we have the necessary certification and compliance to back up our products' quality. In our field of business, we always look forward and keep up to date with the latest in technology & electrical components for the continual improvement processes of our products.